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Evangelism & Outreach Committee
September 2009

Arusha Community Church's Evangelism and Outreach Committee tries to organize events which bring together the different nationalities and ethnicgroups representing the diversity we celebrate within our church [internal evangelism], and to raise our capacity to encourage each other by first knowing one another. On the 13th September we enjoyed an after service picnic which brought together over 100 members, in particular, many of those who have recently begun to worship with us. After the picnic, 75 embarked ona safari by car and daladalas to Lengijave to see, for many the first time, the magnificent view from to the west. After a few challenges with vehicle sand the ubiquitous dust, we began to climb the Mwandet hill. All 70 who tried reached the top an hour later without fail. It was a truly invigorating experience, despite sobering to view the lack of vegetation from the severe drought. At the top we noted in the distance two separate groups of Warusha villagers praying on hillsides, like us, to Engai for rain. We also paused to pray, to listen then to our host, the village executive secretary about how the village is responding to the hunger situation. Then we celebrated our successful ascent by singing a hymn of thanksgiving to God for our own well-being while dancing in a circle. At the end of the afternoon we descended again, knowing each other a bit better than before, and recognizing that we are very blessed to be a part of thebody of Christ.

In September, the picnic and climb was the first of two events which the E&O organized - the second being an evening of Sacred Harvest Music on the 25th September. At this event we were able to welcome our own Loruvani Lutheran Evangelist Choir, and the Congolese Christian group on tour - the Sowers. This was a real blessing for all who attended. At such events we are able to celebrate the talents God has given to us, and to encourage each other in ministry. We all look forward to supporting the Kiswahili performance of Handel's Messiah on the 10th October in support of the International Hospice work which is also reaching those in our own community whose lives are in transition. Let us really turn out for this event and encourage those who minister with just what is needed for these people facing life on another shore.

A third E&O effort which is highlighted in this issue of Glad Tidings is the initiation of a prayer chain which will enable people to contact initially four 'prayer starters' from within our congregation, who will in turn notify others to begin a chain of prayer across all of Arusha. If you have an issue to raise for community prayer, do not hesitate to SMS the request to the four people whose names are given in the newsletter. By doing so, you will begin a shower of blessing for the people who are prayed for, as well as for all of us who can act united in loving support for each other.

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