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November 2007

ACC has, from its beginning, been a member-led congregation with no pastor. And that has been by design. The membership has included pastors and lay people and pastors have shared leadership on council and committees. But there has never been one individual pastor who led the congregation. Preaching and worhip leadership have always been shared by all members.

In 2005 with the growth of the congregation, it was realized that we needed someone to help organize and do ministry more effectively.

So the congregation set out to find someone who would be called Facilitator. Our first facilitators were Graham and Dory Hutchins, 2005-06.

Now we are indeed thankful that Kurt Rittinghaus, with his wife Margret, has come to be our second ACC Facilitator.  Please welcome and do get to know Kurt and Margret and welcome them back to their ACC church home. 

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